Tennessee Skyward User Group 

President - Susan Dean, Wilson County Schools
Vice President - Joan Palmer, Lenoir City Schools
Secretary - Cheryl Collins - Sumner County Schools
Treasurer - Jenifer Van Dyke - Oak Ridge City Schools

Committee Members
Selena Coker - Alcoa City Schools

Jeff Edmonds, Oak Ridge City Schools

Jeanie Mowery - Lenoir City Schools

​Brooke Johannsen - Monroe County Schools

Randall Robinson - Manchester City Schools

William Daugherty - Tipton County Schools

Gayle Jones - Oak Ridge City Schools

Tennessee Skyward User Group (TNSUG) is a group established for the benefit of the users of
Skyward, Inc. software.  The purpose of this user group is to:

  • Educate members on the use of Skyward software
  • Share experience and knowledge among users of Skyward software
  • Educate members in subject areas pertinent to the operation of schools

Members communicate with the steering committee that acts as a liaison
to Skyward, Inc. about the following:

  • Software support
  • Hardware support
  • Suggestions for software improvements
  • Educate members on other technology uses for schools
  • Provide events for sharing of knowledge and experiences among users

Our Mission

Steering Committee

 Ruth Ann Osborne,  Johnson County Schools is leaving TNSUG. Please take a moment to wish her well and thanks for all the work she did as the TNSUG Treasurer.

Amy Shults - Sevier County Schools is also leaving the TNSUG committee and many years of  being a huge part of the user conferences. A big THANKS at Amy for you have done.

Both members will be greatly missed.